the only First Nations college in Quebec

General informations

Kiuna Institution is located in Odanak, one of the two wabanaki communities in Quebec, between Montreal and Quebec city. 'Kiuna' means 'to us' in wabanaki language. The school aims to shape provide First Nations citizens with the tools they need to take on the challenges that lie ahead, be they on the individual, community or national level while enhancing of the First Nations identity. Founded in 2011 thanks to the First Nations Education Council, the college offers several programs both in english and french, as well as support of all kinds services for the students. Its mission can be summarized in three points:

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Kiuna College from CEPN FNEC

  1. Provide quality education in a familiar environment that promotes First Nations traditions and cultures.
  2. Improve access to post-secondary studies and graduation rates.
  3. Take one step further towards the autonomy of First Nations institutions.


Education spécialisée et contextes autochtones;
Attestion d'études collégiales en comptabilité;
First Nations - Social sciences program

Catherine, Lisa, Marie-Kristine, Raphaelle et Jessica followed the program in Social Sciences. Unique in Quebec, ce program is centered on First Nations culture, history, and traditions and addresses contemporary issues affecting First Nations of Quebec, Canada and North America (such as Aboriginal policies, rights, and claims, economic development and self-government). The classes shape the students to: assert their identity as First Nations citizens; discover how they can serve their community; assume their social and citizenship responsibilities. The skills acquired are equivalent to the ones gained by students enrolled in social science programs in any other college in Quebec. As a result, Kiuna graduates can enroll in undergraduate programs in human and social sciences like Marie Christine, law, education like Raphaelle, administration, or liberal arts.