First of all, this project could have happened without the collaborators of the project:

Marie Kristine Petiquay, and her family who hosted me in Manawan
Jessica Ann Watso
Raphaelle Obomsawin
Catherine Boivin
Lisa-Aubin-Berube and Ivanie-Aubin-Malo, as well as their family members, including their talented brothers Louis-Xavier and Julien, and parents.

And the knowledge holders:
Guy Sioui Durand
Monique Nolett Ille
Michel Durand Nolett
Luc Nolett, and his colleagues at the Environmental Office, like Kenny and Christopher, and his mother Diane, who hosted me in Odanak.

Thank you to Kiuna College (especially to the director Prudence Hannis and the librarian Raphael Benedict) and to the community of Odanak.

Thank you to my relatives for their continuous support: my mother, my dad, my sister and my grand-mother. I also want to appreciate the important men in my life: Lenny Watson, who proofread all my translation, and Oliver Macer, whose love kept me motivated.

For the technical help: Tamas Marton Meszaros from Intermedia Solutions for the video editing
Ezequiel Muns for his patience and efficiency, helping me with svg, javascript and the launch via heroku!
Open Tech School, in particular the mentors Pierre, Martin, Giorgia, Jessica, Steffan and Martin.
Lenny Watson for the design of the wheel, and Claire Romain for the graphic design of the logo and social media materials.

For lending me out their cameras: Geoffrey Bugnon and Catherine.

For their precious feedbacks and advices: Eugene Boulanger, Jen Castro, Oana Radu, Paul Wattez, Marion Carrier, Thora Herrmann, Stephanie Boulais, Red Hair Crow, Elizabeth LaPensée.

I want to thank the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Freie Universität, in Berlin, Germany for allowing me to give out a website instead of a dry paper, in particular my supervisors: Florian Walter and Thomas Stodulka.
And the Center for Oral History and Digital Storytelling in Montreal, Quebec for receiving me as a visiting researcher.

Credits for the icons found on the nounproject:
Icons for the circle: Video by Adrien Coquet ~ Camera by Aleksandr Vector ~ Communication by Makarenko Andrey ~ Microphone by Alexander Skowalsky ~ Community by Oksana Latysheva ~ Footsteps by b Farias ~ Field Notes by Mike O'Brien
Social media icons: Camera by Aybige (Instagram )